Fields of expertise

We provide professional specialised translation services. For your order we will select a specialised translator who will translate your specialised text precisely, correctly and comprehensibly.

Legal translation

Legal language is very specific; its translation requires concentration as well as experience in the field of legal terminology and phrases. Contracts are the most common type of legal translation. Most often, legal translation is required when translating contracts and other contractual documents. We translate various contracts on a daily basis: sales contracts, licensing agreements, contracts for work, lease contracts, etc.


legal translation

Technical translation

Remember that a translated manual is often the only guide for your customer. Instruction manuals are the most frequent type of technical translation. The biggest demand is definitely for translation of instruction manuals or technical guides. They are followed by translation of technical standards, guidelines in factories, manufacturing plants, translation of software or any other electronic systems.


technical translation

Certified translation

Certified translation is required for various official purposes. Contracts are among the most frequent types of certified translation. 

Other common types of certified translation include birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, diplomas, etc.


certified translation

Financial translation

If you want to translate an economic or commercial text correctly, you need to be familiar with the terminology used by economists. Annual reports are among the most frequent types of economic translation. Most often, economic translation is needed when translating financial and economic analyses, annual reports or balance sheets.


financial translation

We have also have extensive experience in

Of course, our scope of activity is much wider, as we come across a wide variety of texts. So we also have experience in other related types of translation.

Marketing translation

If you want to break through or present yourself abroad via translation, you need to use the language, style, and expressions of a native speaker. Catalogues are the most frequent types of marketing translation. If we do not take translation of www pages into account, translation of advertising and marketing texts are demanded most often, such as catalogues or advertising leaflets.


marketing translation

Website translation

We have a rich experience in the translation of web pages as well as software localisation. Translation of company presentations is the most frequent type of translation of web pages. Present your products in the Czech or Slovak language on a professional level. We cooperate with a team of experienced translators, who will translate your text precisely, correctly and comprehensibly.



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