English-Czech Translation

You will be hard pressed to find better professional Czech translators.

English to Czech

For this combination, we employ top-quality translators from the Czech Republic.

Most of them studied  languages at a university and have rich experience in translating specialised texts.



Czech to English

We also provide professional translation services from Czech to English. Our translators have extensive experience in the English language. Moreover, we cooperate with native speakers who provide proofreading services. 



Fields of expertise

Legal translation

Most often, legal translations to/from Czech and English are required for the translation of contracts and other contractual documents. We translate various types of contracts on a daily basis: sales contracts, licensing agreements, contracts for work, lease contracts, etc.

Certified translation

We provide translation services by experienced certified Czech translators. The certified translation services include the translation of birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, official certificates, criminal record certificates, statements, contracts, etc.

Technical translation

We translate a wide range of instruction manuals or technical guidelines both to Czech and English. We also translate technical standards, guidelines in factories, manufacturing plants, translations of software and/or documents or any other electronic systems.

Financial translation

We often translate economic texts to Czech, including financial and economic analyses, annual reports or balance sheets. We cooperate with qualified translators with experience in economics, trade and finances.

Marketing translation

The translation of advertising and marketing texts is required mainly for catalogues or advertising brochures. We cooperate with experienced Czech translators in the field of advertising and marketing.

Website translation

Our translators can translate your website pages directly in the html code format. They do not affect the code in any way. Another option is to copy the text to be translated from www pages to MS Word (or any other programme).

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Our clients appreciate mainly top-quality English-Czech translation services offered by the MERIVA translation agency. Our translation agency specialises in this combination of languages. Due to our careful selection of professional translators from English to Czech, we are able to translate even the most difficult texts.

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